Five burning questions answered about my large family

I announced the pregnancy (and gender) of my sixth baby this week and received a wonderful response on Facebook and Instagram. 


Not surprising, since I’m sure my family and friends are used to this by now! Just for fun I thought I would go ahead and get all of the burning questions out of the way, since I’m sure there were a few behind the scenes gasps that I was pregnant yet again. So here we go…

1.       Is your TV broken? Yes, our TV is working just fine. I don’t know why people like to ask this question. I mean, we have been married for 11 years and only have 6 children. If our TV truly wasn’t working and you-know-what was all we ever did, we would probably be rivaling the Duggars by now. Okay, well, maybe not quite that much. But we did space our children out by 2 years at least. Well at least most of them…

Date night 2015

2.       Have you figured out what causes this yet? Yes, we have figured out what causes this. Again, not sure why people still think this question is funny, but I guess it’s that awkward response that everyone feels they must ask when they ask you how many children you have, and you say any number more than 2 or 3. It’s like that awkward moment of MUST.SAY.SOMETHING.FUNNY.NOW. So yes, it’s funny. And yes, we know how it all works. It seems to be working just fine! J

Baby born1

3.       Are they all yours? Yes, they are all mine. You know, this one just gets me. I mean, what does it mean really? Do you think I run a daycare? Or if I adopted some of them, wouldn’t they still be MINE? So yes, they are all mine. How that happened, really is none of anyone’s business (usually this question gets asked by complete strangers.) But if you do indeed want to know, yes, I gave birth to all five, and soon to be six.

4.       Are you done after this one? No, I don’t know if THIS is the last one. Okay I get it. You think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. But I love my crazy life with my crazy amount of kids and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I did turn 40 this year, so it’s possible this could be my last. But God hasn’t given me a reason to stop yet and so we just keep trucking along. Ask me this again about six months from now! 😉


5.       I could never have that many kids, how DO you do it? I’m really not quite sure HOW I do it. But somehow I manage. I am blessed that my husband works from home and gets to experience the chaos daily with us! It does help that I can go to the store alone sometimes and have that extra set of hands when I really need help. I also don’t have to threaten with, “Just you wait until your Dad gets home…”


So there you have it. Just in case you had that urge to ask me any of those questions now that the pregnancy has been announced, you have your answers.

One thought on “Five burning questions answered about my large family

  1. Love this! It’s always so ironic how people, even complete strangers think they have the freedom and responsibility to comment and insert themselves into your fertility and sexual life.
    My husband and I have not become pregnant after several years of trying. We don’t know why and we do not plan on investigating because it is something we have decided to leave up to God. However, because we are in our mid-thirties and do not have the socially acceptable 2 children, people think it is appropriate to comment on our sexual health and practices. Such a weird thing for people to think is ok to instruct another couple on how things work and what is acceptable.

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