Five questions every pregnant woman is tired of answering


I don’t mean to sound like a grumpy old pregnant woman, but I’m on my 6th baby and have heard these questions more than once. I know they are mostly well meaning people, and probably just don’t know what else to say. And maybe if I only heard these questions a handful of times, it wouldn’t be so bad. But there are some days where I answer these questions like 20 times, and I just sigh and answer them over and over, somehow managing a smile!


1.       How are you feeling?

Oh my goodness, if I had just a penny for how many times I have heard this, I would be rich! I just want to say, “Do you want me to be honest? I feel huge, uncomfortable, tired, worn out, like I’m carrying a brick inside me and you want to know how I’m feeling?” But of course I usually smile and say, “Fine.”

2.       Are you sure you aren’t having twins?

Pretty sure. I think it’s pretty uncommon these days to miss a twin on the ultrasound. (Although I had a friend this happened to!) But it’s rare. I am big as a house every time I’m pregnant. I’m not having twins!!

3.       How much longer do you have? (Shocked look) Are you sure you are going to make it to your due date?

Well I wish I knew how much longer I have. But baby will come when he is ready. I have no idea if I will make it to my “due” date but somehow I always do and the baby doesn’t just fall out before. Wouldn’t that be nice? But no. Probably going to make it.

4.       What are you having? Is that what you wanted?

I wanted a baby, and that’s what I got! And seriously, gender disappointment is a real thing, but what woman wants to admit to a complete stranger that she really didn’t want another boy or girl, or to have that gender first? Kind of an awkward question. Let’s just leave it alone!

5.       Have you picked a name out yet?

I want to smile and say yes and leave it at that. But what is it anyone’s business really? If you do choose to share the name you have chosen, inevitably someone will not like the name you have chosen. I admire those who keep tight lips on this one until the birth.  Who can complain about the name you have chosen after you have a cute little baby in your arms?

I have had a few sweet friends recently who have told me things like, “You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!” or “You are just absolutely glowing!” I much prefer to hear that over the questions. Even though I don’t feel beautiful or glowing, it’s nice to hear when others think I do. So next time you are tempted to ask one of these questions (and you know we are all guilty of it, myself included) maybe opt to just say something nice. Don’t ask questions at all. Most likely she is tired, uncomfortable, ready to be done, has a name picked and doesn’t want to tell you and is just fine with the gender God has chosen for her!

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  1. You mean you feel like there’s a basketball in your tummy! That’s what my husband & I agreed was the perfect analogy😊

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